I have three categories for designs: mockups that have yet to be made into official websites, generic design templates, and official websites. The mockups will be hosted here, but if I've made an official website, I'll also link to it. As this is currently a static site, I won't be able to implement any server code in any mockups.


Generic Designs

Official Websites

Request a Website

If you would like me to design a website for you, email me and we'll discuss rates.

DISCLAIMER: The price I charge you does not include paying for a web domain, the server, or any plan from an ISP to serve your website. You will have to pay for it on your own.

DISCLAIMER: All prices given here are reasonable estimates that should cover most cases, but these prices could be higher or lower depending on the amount of effort I have to put into the design. I reserve the right to decide the final price based on what you specify in the design.


As a baseline, $50 for a well-designed static website that works on desktop, tablet, and mobile in all browsers that you don't plan to update frequently, $100 if you want a static website that does fancy things (including a website you update frequently, has a moderate amount of JavaScript/user interaction) or if you want some basic server side code (i.e. basic user databases, shopping carts, payment handling, a counter to indicate how many times someone has visited your website, etc.), and $200 if you want a fancy website with basic server side code. Anything more complicated than that will require at least $200 and depends on what exactly you want me to implement. I may not be able to implement your website and I will let you know as soon as possible so you can find someone else.

The actual price of your website will vary between these prices depending on the complexity of the work. For example, if you want a static website with a little pizzaz or some animations, the price will be above $50 but less than $100. If you want a little server code (say enough to show a counter for the number of the users that have visited your site), then the price will be between $50 and $150, but most likely less than $100.

The amount of effort I have to put into the design could lead to up to a $30 design cost. If you specify most of the design and layout and I just have to write the website, then I will not charge you a design cost. I refuse to make a design without a basic specification, as I want to avoid the scenario where a customer requests X, I make X, and then the customer tells me he or she wanted Y.

The amount of effort I have to put into making sure you can update your website could lead to up to a $30 set up cost. If I only have to send you the files for the website, then I will not charge you a set up cost. If I have to figure out how to set up your server or I have to set up your website so that you can make frequent updates, then I will charge you more.

If you want a redesign of a website I have already made for you, I will treat it as if you wanted another website, but I will offer a reduced price depending on the amount of effort I would need to put into the redesign. For example, if you just want me to change the colorscheme, move things around slightly, change some fonts, or add another button, I could do it for about $5 - $20. If you want to completely change the layout, $20 - $50. If you want me to add some server side functionality to a website you originally specified as static, $50 - $200.

If you put a visible link to this webpage in a prominent part of the website (on every page such as in the footer), I will offer a 10% discount on the final cost. If you put a visible link to this webpage on a prominent page within the website (say the about page or the home page), I will offer a 5% discount. For design reasons, I do not recommend doing both, and so I will only offer one of these discounts at a time.

Price Summary

Here is a brief summary of the price ranges without explanation:

Item Min. Price Max. Price
Website from Scratch $50 $200
Design $0 $30
Set up $0 $30
Visible Link -5% -10%
Website Redesign $5 $200


Currently, I am using Paypal to receive payments. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can set one up free of charge by following these instructions from Paypal. In the invoice and receipt, I will list all the specific charges for ease of refunding.

Do not offer to pay me in exposure.

Design Process

As expected, the more complicated the website, the more time it will take me to build it. For a simple static site, expect 2 - 4 days. For a more complicated site, it could take up to a month. I will notify you of the expected timeframe as soon as possible. If I cannot build the website, I will tell you as soon as possible.

You will send me your domain, everything you want on the website, and as much of the design as you have. I will discuss whether I can implement the website as you want it and suggest changes that would be easier to implement and maintain. I will create a mockup and send the link to you for your approval. If you have any design requests (such as changing the color scheme, changing the placement of certain parts of the webpage, etc.), then I will implement those changes and send you an updated version for your approval. We will repeat this process until we reach an agreement or either one of us decides to back out.

After you are satisfied with the website I have made, I will make sure that you can update your website to the website I have made, usually by implementing a dummy version without the design. Only after I have made the website and made sure that you can update your website will I charge you. After you have paid me, I will do what I need to do to set your website up.


If you notice an error, glitch, etc. in the website I made within a month of the transaction, I will do what I can to fix it for free. If I cannot fix it within two months, I will refund the transaction unless you grant me an extension. I will not refund a difference in how you wanted the website with the website I made if the difference could have been known at the time of the transaction. For example, if you request a fix for free because the layout is different than what you wanted but you accepted the transaction, I will refuse. On the other hand, if you request a fix because something about the website acted unexpectedly (say the mobile version is misaligned if the content takes up too much vertical space), then I will fix it for free within two months or refund the transaction.

If the fix requires significantly more work than specified in the original transaction, I will renegotiate a deal at a discount. If I can't fix it, I will refund all parts of the website that are broken. For example, if the front-end of the website is fine but the database is broken, then I will refund the cost of setting up the database but not the cost of setting up the front-end of the website.

I reserve the right to refuse to fix something for free if the problem lies with a change in any external code, including another website's API, an update in a browser, a change in any library or framework used in building the site, etc.

This transaction is immune from the Cooling-Off Rule as it happens entirely online.

Copyright, License, and Liability

DISCLAIMER: The following paragraphs are intended to provide a brief overview of the copyright, license, and liability rules with explanations for why I have these stipulations and are not a substitute for the list under Actual Conditions.

As expected, you own anything you bring to the design and I own the source code and anything I contribute to the design. You can do anything you want with the source code I give you except to sell off any part of the source code to someone else or to reuse the source code for a separate website. If you give me content you do not have permission to use in the design, you will face the legal repercussions if I use it in the website, not me.

Since I don't get paid until after I've already made the mockup, I would have spent my time in vain if you decide to cancel the deal. In order to keep me from losing as much, I want to add the website to my portfolio. For this reason, I reserve the right to continue to use anything provided in the design that is essential to show my expertise in web development, most notably colorschemes, interactive parts of the website, layouts, and images similar in color to the ones provided in the design. For example, my website would look much worse if the background were a bright white or a sunny day, which could scare off potential customers. If you owned the background image and revoked my permission to use it, I could still use another dark blue image with white dots if I had permission to do so. Likewise, one of my designs has an image of some people on the left half and a grey right half with some patterns on it. While I could not use that image if my permission was revoked, I could use any other image with a grey right half and people on the right as long as I had permission.

If I use a third party's content in my mockup that you later use in your website, you have an agreement with the third party to use the content in your website separate from my agreement with the third party to use the content in my mockup. This way, if one of us loses permission, the other person can still use the content.

Actual Conditions